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With data becoming widely available and more easily accessible, industries are quick to realize the value of insights that analytics can uncover. Analytics has helped police departments reduce crime, credit card companies detect fraud, companies reduce customer churn rates, and baseball teams win World Series. In Human Resources, with the automation of many HR transactions, from recruitment to retirement along with the need to perform strategically, analytics of the workforce is more important than ever. HR analytics is a lot more than headcounting--it's about the total amount and the quality of talent, knowledge, and expertise to move your organization forward and stay ahead of competition. It's about measuring the return on human capital investment and measuring the impact and how HR is driving performance, productivity, and profitability. In many different studies, HR seems to be lagging in this era of analytics and big data. But analytics of the workforce, a company's most important asset, should be an opportunity for businesses, particularly for HR, to transform itself and align with the business strategy.

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