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An interesting question I got this morning got me thinking about it all day.  Where can one receive HR Analytics training?  I had to think about this one because I don't remember if there's any course I took along the way that had the words "HR Analytics" in the course title.  In my experience, I've had to kinda merge the 2 concepts together as if they were 2 separate entities.  My academic training has been in Organizational Psychology with several graduate statistics courses (and were mostly grounded in Social Science statistics).  Recently, a good number of HR analytics practitioners I am encountering are trained in I/O Psychology.  Most of the people I encounter doing (pure) analytics or even business intelligence are trained in either statistics or some kind of database programming.  Occasionally, I do run into I/O Psychologists familiar with databases and SQL programming but that seems rare.  I do wonder how big the gap is between these 2 professional groups--those in the social science cadre and those in the pure analytics cadre. And I wonder if that gap is a critical gap if we really want to do more HR analytics.  

In my search for such a course, a more specific "HR analytics" course, I ran into Google's MOOC course starting this March 18th.  It is probably geared more for data folks dealing with data structure, visualization, and manipulation but I think HR professionals who deal with demographic information, employee surveys, and training evaluation data can also benefit greatly from this course.  Just imagine HR data.  Data is data and most of the time the challenges are pretty much the same across the board when dealing with data--there's data structure, data cleaning, data manipulation, etc.  The goals or the problems you're trying to solve may be different but more often than not, the data analytics approach and techniques are the same and just as applicable.  So HR professionals and HR analytics practitioners, this is a course worth checking out, just think HR data and HR problems.  

Below is the link to the Google MOOC titled "Making Sense of Data." 


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