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Posted by HR Analytics on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Under: Data
Not all of your HR subject matter experts are going to be statisticians and they don't have to be.  Some of the basics of statistics will often suffice such as knowing what the difference is between mean, mode, and median or knowing how to do some t-test statistics to compare groups.  And sometimes, it's as simple as understanding the structure of the data, the various demographic variables, and just simply diving deep into the dataset. Simply looking at the dataset and manipulating the rows and columns can sometimes facilitate the generation of research questions.  For example, looking at attrition data, there are different ways to make attrition data meaningful.  There's the aggregate of the attrition rate for a company.  Then slice the data to see the demographic variables available to break down the attrition rate.  Perhaps the HR specialists have a higher attrition rate than your IT specialists.  Know what occupations, age groups, tenure, or gender have the highest or lowest attrition rate. An attrition rate of 10 employees per month does not mean much until you break it down by the different possible variables your analysis can probe.  Performing a segmentation analysis or a multivariate analysis wherein data is de-aggregated and drilled down into further demographic analysis will help facilitate a better 'picture' for leadership or decision makers to know what the attrition data is telling them, what weaknesses to focus on or what strengths to build upon. 

Next blog, I'll talk about data integrity and the practice of prudence when performing HR analytics. 

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