Is "HR Analytics" Just Another Buzzword?

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We heard "HR analytics" quite a bit last year but was it just another buzzword in 2013?  

It doesn't have to be.  With data still continuously flowing, with transactions and processes still continuously getting automated, HR analytics is something that is a lot more than an overhyped buzzword.  How you identify the metrics that matter and how you tie the data to your business strategies are really the factors that keep it alive and going.  Sure, 'analytics' sounds like just another buzzword or another marketing campaign because of the hype around it but there is a real tangible, actionable, and meaningful agenda behind the term.  Companies who are big on analytics are all thriving partly because of their use of analytics.  But how can HR do the same and be successful? What does analytics mean for HR?  And what exactly is HR analytics?

HR is still currently in the process of a major evolution, moving beyond its transactional and administrative roles to roles that are more strategic and consultative.  And so as HR redefines and re-images itself, data will be an important element.  Expect the strategic HR roles to utilize data to drive decisions.  Especially now that many transactions such as in hiring, recruiting, and other personnel actions are all getting automated, there will be huge bytes of data to go around for the strategic data analysts.  

So for progressing organizations, not only will there be a decrease in need for administrative HR, there will also be an increase in need for analytics.  HR departments should not be shrinking but instead becoming more strategic and analytical.  There will be an increase in the need for a more consultative HR who is always in touch with management, with the finance department, and with other stakeholders.  They will be more hands-on with ensuring that HR is aligned with business strategies.  

I think last year I heard a lot of buzz about and around HR analytics.  I think this year is the year to see it all in action.  I'm looking forward to this new year to hear what others are doing in making sure HR analytics is being used to its fullest potential.  In February 2014, I'm looking forward to attending HR analytics webinar to learn some of the emerging practices in HR analytics and to hear what other thought leaders are doing in the HR analytics arena.  For those HR analytics leaders already collecting and analyzing data, I'd like to see what can be done to move from descriptive analytics to doing more predictive analytics. I look forward to hearing some of the best practices from highly analytical organizations as well as some of the lessons learned in the practice of HR analytics.  Lots of good stuff to look forward to.  

Do you have plans this year to advance your HR analytics?  

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