Know your organizational capability

A growing number of organizations are utilizing employee competency assessments and are doing so for a variety of reasons.  Personnel selection and promotion are still some of the primary reasons but what has been gaining popularity in more recent years is the use of competency assessments for developmental purposes.  More and more organizations are realizing the importance of identifying where their competency gaps are and using that information to guide their development strategies.  However, lack of familiarity with how competency assessments work along with the difficulty of actually deploying a valid and reliable competency assessment tool across the organization have left some organizations skeptical and hesitant.  With well-assessed and properly measured competencies, organizations will find the use of competency tools greatly beneficial in their efforts to make sure they have the talent they need in order to achieve their goals and fulfill their mission.  The use of competency assessments, management leveraging the assessment data and information to develop their people’s talent and to ultimately achieve and maintain organizational effectiveness is one of the best ways to ensure that the Human Capital of an organization is functioning on all cylinders and is ready to take the business to the next level.  It is the people, their skills and competencies, that will drive you business forward.

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