Kickstarting HR Analytics
HR Strategies to help your organization do analytics

With the kinds of information and technologies that are now available to many, the opportunity for HR to be strategic is not only possible but highly desired.  HR decisions and actions have to be based on data, information, and evidence.  Below are some of the functions that HR has to be able to perform:

* Workforce data analytics -
analytics can be as simple as doing headcounts and knowing what talent and skills your human capital have.
* Talent Management - from recruitment to retirement
* Workforce Supply and Demand Forecasting big picture data analysis to stay ahead of the trends
* Succession Planning - employees come and go but are you prepared to keep the torch lit
* Training Needs Assessment
* Predictive data analytics
* Employee Surveys

* Exit Surveys and Interviews - get some honest feedback from people who have left
* Stay Interviews - know why some of your employees or customers are staying; what's keeping them and how do you make sure you keep these valuable people.
* UX/UI Studies/ Usability Research - know the people who use your products and services, know where improvements can be made

* Customer Satisfaction Surveys
* Mobile (including QR Scan Surveys)
* Data-driven Automated Reference Checking Survey - reference checking is often skipped in the hiring process because they tend to be burdensome, time-consuming, and expensive. This can be a costly mistake because the time and effort invested in getting the right candidate will surely have positively impact your organization. Don't make decisions you might regret.
* Skills and Competency Assessments (360 degree assessments)


The 4Cs (Collect, Connect, Correct, Control) framework below is an easy-to-follow roadmap to help lay out the foundation for dealing with big data in HR analytics.

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